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welcome !


I will be giving away Free website space with ssh access.
The only requirement is that you have to have a good idea and nothing illegal.
You can apply via the contact form or trough VK.
This website will NEVER be compliant to the EU article 11 and 13 in its current state!
There will be no censoring on this site at any shitty corporation's will, this place and the internet as well is the place of freedom and not some big company's playground.
If they try anything or just try to get a penny out of my, they will wish that they never done it!
So, EU! Come at me bro!
we r setting up the language settings in the page so it can be used in English and Hungarian.
Today we changed the website url from emalm.no-ip.org to emalm.ml.
All the old ulr's are working as they used to be.
Great news!
Today we finally mananged the video upload applet to pass out to beta!
now You can upload in almost any video format what you want!
We are using ubuntu and NGINX!
Servers made by: SUN microsytems


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